Couple's 30 Day FiT Challenge


Couple's 30 Day FiT Challenge


The 30 Day Challenge best suited for couples, family members, friends, or even roommates!

The Couple's 30 Day FiT Challenge includes:

  • 6 Private Group Training Sessions in TOTAL

  • 2 Comprehensive Detailed Training Programs + Log Sheets (print copies weekly)

  • 1 Base Meal Plan(customized for each person to help achieve desired results).

  • 1 on 1 Coaching

  • Instructional Work-Out Videos

  • Weekly Check-Ins

  • Daily Motivation & Support

  • A Feature on this site

A digital download of the following items will be sent to your email immediately following the purchase of this order:

  • Directions

  • Nutritional Guide (customized weekly to achieve results)

  • Nutrition Facts

  • Shopping List

  • Training Homework

  • Training Log Sheet

  • Training Rates

*Option to continue onto 'Phase 2' or additional training sessions after completion.

Nutritional Guide (customized for each person weekly to achieve results)

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