30 Day Challenge (Phase 2)

bullfrog double biceps final.png
bullfrog double biceps final.png

30 Day Challenge (Phase 2)



ALL NEW customized Training Program + Recipes with more options and tailored to meet your new goal! 

The hardest part is over! Phase 2 is all about continuing the habits you have begun and having more FOOD OPTIONS. It is also about staying excited about going to the gym- so with brand NEW RECIPES and a brand new TRAINING PROGRAM, you'll have a hard time getting bored!

Included in Phase 2:

  • 2 Additional Private Training Sessions

  • Healthy FiT Recipes

  • Training Program Guide (phase 2)

  • Healthy Eating Tips

  • 1on1 coaching

  • Daily Motivation and Support via Social Media

  • Weekly Check-Ins

*Gym membership required to receive training sessions. - $60/month - 24 hr gym - no contract (Rockstar NPT)

- $52/month - no contract (Peak Fitness, Ports)

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