Meet 'The BullFrog'

Jeremiah O'Connor is a 29 year old Rhode Island native, currently living in Middletown, Rhode Island. He has a degree in Culinary Arts and Food Sciences from Johnson & Wales University, and he is an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer.

As an 'ANBF', 'WNBF' and 'OCB' Pro Men's Physique Athlete, Jeremiah wasn't always in the shape he is now. After 2 hip surgeries back to back and over 20 lbs of weight gain and loss of motivation; it took more than just a "secret pill" to get into the best shape of his life.


In just 9 weeks on an all-natural meal plan combined with consistent weight training and cardio, Jeremiah was able to lose over 25 pounds, and earn two pro cards in his first ever two "Men's Physique" Competitions. Along the way, he earned his ISSA Fitness Training Certification, and he is now helping to transform other people's lives.

"There's no secret pill or potion, but if you follow my plan that I will personalize to meet your needs and schedule, you will find that you too can change. If you're searching for a personal trainer or health coach who cares about his clients and one who is dedicated to seeing them reach their goals, you have found him."

-Jeremiah C. O'Connor


Jeremiah O'Connor - Owner & Founder

Awards & Recognition

  • 2019,2018,2017 Best of Newport Country - Best Personal Trainer

  • 2017 Best of Newport County - 'Best New Business'

  • 2017 Mercury Love Awards - 'Favorite Health & Nutrition Coach'

  • 2016 Rhode Island's Mr. Anatomy

  • 8th Place Overall - WNBF PRO World Championships 2018

  • 3rd Place Overall - WNBF Pro Monster Mash Worcestor, Mass, 2017

  • 7th Place Overall - WNBF PRO World Championships 2017

  • 11th Place Overall - WNBF Pro Monster Mash Worcestor, Mass. 2017

  • 4th Place Overall - WNBF Pro Universe New York City 2017

  • 8th Place Overall - WNBF PRO World Championships 2016

  • 1st Place Overall - WNBF Pro Champion - N.E. Classic.

  • 1st Place Overall - OCB Spirit of America, Mashpee, Mass. 2015 - Men's Physique Champion

  • 1st Place Overall - ANBF Battle on the Beach, Newport, Rhode Island. 2015 - Men's Physique Champion

Degrees & Certifications

  • Culinary Arts and Food Sciences Degree from Johnson & Wales University, Providence, 2011.

  • ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer 2015 - present

  • ISSA Certified Sports & Conditioning Coach 2017 - present

  • CPR/AED Certified - American Heart Association 2015 - present

  • 8 Years Experience Menu Development - Quality Food Preparation with an emphasis on the importance of Organic Foods.