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"I've achieved goals that are pretty much beyond my dreams. I started out at 194 and in 30 Days I was down to 175; within 5 weeks I was 172. I've always been in shape, but I got a little out of shape the last couple of years.

What I did in the 30 days has inspired me more than any type of training, running, or exercise program that I've ever done in my life.

I'm more fit. I feel it. 64 years old, the body fat is gone, the energy, flexibility & the strength is up.

It is a PROGRAM FOR LIFE. 100% stoke."

-Sid Abruzzi

Owner of Watebrothers - East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Jeremiah with Bullfrog FiT. My 30 day challenge is complete and I lost 19.5 pounds in 30 days. I lost two plus inches off my waist. I couldn't achieve my goals without your help. Also I want to say to my wife Linda, I love you and thank you for supporting me during these 30 days. I don't normally endorse on Facebook, but this program works if you are dedicated and stay on your meal plan and workouts." - Rick Paulsen

"So on my last weigh in for my two week program I am down to 191. 2 weeks ago to the day I was 201 pounds. 10 pounds in 14 days, Wow. What a great learning experience and program that I will always use moving forward when thinking about my meals, what nutrients are in them, and when I am eating them. The workouts were pretty amazing too(leg days were brutal) and I'm looking forward to adding on and adapting to different workouts in the future."

- Shawn Bergers

" Since I started the 30 day challenge 2 weeks ago I lost 8 pounds. I'm extremely happy that I went to Jeremiah for help. He has taught me to eat balanced nutritious meals. I have never felt so great and energetic. I would highly recommend anyone looking to lose weight in a healthy way to reach out toJeremiah. He is very knowledgeable."

- Julie Kenney

"Jeremiah is changing the way I think and respond to my food choices. He is teaching me to never give up and to think positive everyday. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to make their health better!!!"

- Gail O.

"I'd like to start off by saying thank you to Jeremiah, due to his exceptional work he got me down 13 pounds and 7% body fat loss in 30 days, he made my meal plan and we worked together for me to achieve my goal, I still have 5 weeks left and I'm so happy with my results, I can't wait to see where 5 more weeks will take me. He's checked in with me everyday through out the month, he's always motivating me and is always in great spirits. If your looking to lose weight, tone up, or bulk up, he's the one to go to. Jeremiah knows what he's doing and he'll get you on the path to success, I hope this will help you choose the right trainer."

-Brian Henrique

"I met Jeremiah when he lived in RI at a local gym. Was very impressed with his work ethic. And was always curious of his meal plans and workout regiment. After he won his pro card he moved to CA. Thought to myself "crap" just missed the boat. But no. He started 'BullFrog FiT'. Shot him a text and it was on. Jeremiah has exceeded my expectations. Being on opposite coasts has not changed anything. He put together a custom meal plan for me as well as a workout regiment. I am on my second week of my 9 week challenge and Jeremiah checks on me every other day. He answers any question I have promptly and professionally. He is with me every step of the way. I am so impressed."

- Norman Bailey

"Jeremiah is extremely dedicated to his clients, he is always available to ask questions and help make modifications for client satisfaction while keeping his promise to promote a healthy and fit lifestyle."

- Kelsey Hayes